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Sail with Creekfleet 2013

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Thursday evenings, arrive by 6 PM

Our summer Thursday night races begin May 30. We will sail every Thursday through August 29. First race of the evening starts at 6:30 PM

SUNDAY, June 23 and August 11

New! Two all day events, starting at 10 AM. There will be sailing, fun games, races, & picnic food. Mark your calendars and stay tuned.

Thursday evenings all summer

If you own a small sailboat

sail at Stony Creek, and might have interest in fleet sailing, join Creekfleet! Membership is free. We sail Thursday evenings, 6:30 PM, in the summer and Sunday afternoons in the fall.

If you don't have a boat...

but would love to sail, there are opportunities to crew, or ride with someone more experienced. Our focus is fun.

 Informal Sailing: May 17 and May 24

Get your boat ready and wet. Shakedown sailing. (No buoys set.) Goal: Boats on the water by 6:30.

Summer Racing Season: May 31 through August 30. Races start 6:30 PM. Fall Season: Sept 9 til we can sail no more.

Everyone welcome. We want you!

Meet other small boat sailors and

  • learn from each other
  • sail more
  • have fun

creekfleet bannerYoung or old, experienced or brand new. Whatever your boat—everyone welcome.

Come play!

We've only 3 rules:

Be nice. Be helpful. Share what you know.

Creekfleet is growing!

We've over 120 members on our mailing list; 6 to 25 boats sail any given race day. Interested others watch from a point on shore, where our volunteer committee runs the race sequence. Generally, two to four races are held each race day.

Sailing a course gives purpose to your steering, and opportunity to practice trimming your sail/s for optimum speed/control. All participants win, because Creekfleet is all about learning to sail better—while having fun.

Experienced sailors help

Because Creekfleet is growing, and members are enthusiastic and appreciative, some very kind (and experienced) sailors are donating time to help newer members rig —and/or give pointers. Sometimes they'll hop on your boat, sometimes they'll come out on our course and (gently) coach. These altruistic sailors have been instrumental in our growth —and we thank you!

2010 Fun-o-meter Report

Season started just before Memorial Day and we sailed through October. Good sailing weather—and sunshine, our first three weeks. Nine boats participated. Mid-late June, up to 19 boats on our course. July: 3 rainy Thursdays in a row, but great weather after, and we had 29 boats sailing one Thursday evening, beating our last year's record attendance of 25 boats. Yeeha! (Must be our smiles.)

competition builds

2009 Fun-o-meter Reports

Fun-o-meter report: August 27th

Good weather? We make our own! It's Always good sailing with Creekfleet. 10 boats showed with skippers/crews dressed for the conditions —and we got wind by 7 PM—so we're sailing!

Creekers havin' fun!

Remember the Disney movie Bambi. . .

when the little skunk lowers her head, looks up at the fawn and says, "You can call me Flower if you want to." Well, you can call a Creekmeet ANYthing you want to. We call it FUN!

Fun-o-meter report: August 6, 13, and 20th

Yee Ha! We're averaging 20 boats a meet. People are come come coming. All with smiling faces —and boats! We've got Lasers, Laser II, Sunfish, Hobies: Tiger, H-16s, H-14s, Waves, Islands; Catalinas: 16.5s, 14.2 Expos; Buccanners, Mutineers, Daggar, Wayfarer, Pintail, Sea Snarks, Sunflowers, Rascal, Rebel, Interlakes, Lightning, Snipes, Whistler, Shearwater, Dart, windsurfers—man, I can't even keep track anymore! Come see what we're all about.

We've few rules: Be nice, be friendly, be helpful. And share what you know, whatever that might be. Everybody knows SOMEthing/s valuable and unique.

No boat too small. . .

but you've got to fit in or on it, Dave!

Dave with his miniboat

Fun-o-meter report: 10th meet, July 30

Weather: sunny. People: happy, friendly. Wind: light-lighter—but enough.

Course: Olympic Triangle. Committee: Powerboat and Official.

Boats that sailed: 22 Sailboats: Catalina 16.5s, Expo 14.2, Hobie 16's, Dart Catamaran, Hobie Wave, Mutineer, Sunfish, Snipes, Laser, Buccaneers, Daggar, Wayfarer, Interlakes, Pintail, Sunflower

Results: Fun sailing! (paddles came in handy afterward)

Fun-o-meter report: 9th meet, July 23

Weather: sun at Stony: beautiful, peaceful. (Raining in suburbs. People: Yes! Wind: light-moderate

Boats that sailed: 12 Sailboats

Results: SUCH a Wonderful, romantic night.Ah, boats bring out the best in us!

Fun-o-meter report: 8th meet, July 16

Oops, info not at hand.

Fun-o-meter report: 7th meet, July 9

Weather: perfect. People: B R O A D smiles. Wind: light-moderate

Boats that sailed: 12 Sailboats: Catalina 16.5s, Hobie 16's, Mutineer, Laser, Buccaneer, Daggar, Wayfarer, Interlakes, Pintail, Sea Snark

Results: Great sailing!

Fun-o-meter report: 6th meet, July 2

Weather: overcast & cool. People: dressed for it. Wind Absolutely—even during the 4 minutes of raindrops.

Laughing afterwardBoats that sailed: 9 Sailboats: Catalina 16.5, Expo 14.2, Hobie 16's, Mutineer, Island, Buccaneer, Daggar, Wayfarer

Results: "Good sailing—even with this weather. Is this July?"

Fun-o-meter report: 5th meet, June 25

Weather: rain. People: 4 skippers present (one new; maintained optimism). Wind: Nope--but a rainbow!

Boats that sailed: none

Results: "Here's to good weather next Thursday!"

Fun-o-meter report: 4th meet, June 18

fleet on the waterWeather: warm and sunny. People: happy and enthusiastic. Wind Light—but enough!

Boats that sailed: 13 Sailboats: Catalina 16.5, Expo 14.2, Sunfish, Hobie 16's, Mutineer, Pintail, Interlake, 470, Rascal, Sea Snark

Results: "Anybody hungry? I brought snacks."

Fun-o-meter report: 3rd meet, June 11

Weather: Overcast and raining. People: Hopeful. Wind: non-existent.

Jake Bloomberg, H-16Results: Jake wins by default.
Way to go, Jake!

Fun-o-meter report: 2nd meet, June 4

Weather: warm and sunny. People: happy and enthusiastic.
Wind Just right.

Boats that sailed: 11 Sailboats: Sunfish, Hobie 16's, Buccaneers, Mutineer, Pintail, Interlakes, Sea Snark

Results: "I can't wait til next Thursday!"

Fun-o-meter report: 1st meet, May 28

Weather: cold and overcast. People: warm and friendly.
Wind Just right.

Boats that sailed: Sunfish, Hobie 16, Pintail, Sea Snark.

Results: "Nice to meet you too! See you next Thursday!"


Send an email to Marc Meyer with

  • your first and last name/s
  • the boat you sail
  • your experience level (1=brand new, 2=still feel like a beginner, 3=intermediate, 4=experienced but never raced, 5=have raced, 6=been in fleets and I'll help)

Feel free

to include in your email any additional info that might help us to know you, your wants, needs, interest better. If you don't own a sailboat but would like to participate in some way, email us too. Thanks!

We'll keep you posted as we progress.


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Timid about racing? Sailing a course is a great way to learn. Whatever your ability, come play. We help each other. Need crew? Ask.

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