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Small Sailboats

We offer fun small sailboats: Sunfish, Laser, Hobie Cats, Catalina, and more. Top notch, yet affordable, "turn the key" sailing –and ideal for Michigan lakes. Beach cats and monohulls, fast action or easy sailing. Boats to sail alone –or with your family. For flat out fun, racing, or both.

Visit our showroom in southeast Michigan, to understand small sailboats more fully: each is distinctly different. We sail them all.

To read what manufacturers say about their own products, browse their brochures.

  1. under $1200

    Super Snark

    Length 11 ′
    Beam 3 ′ 2 ″
    Sail Area 45 sq ft
    Weight 50 lbs
    Capacity 310 lbs

    this could be you The Super Snark is simple, rugged, and straightforward. Enjoy it yourself; share it with family and friends. Anyone can sail this so inexpensive, easiest to car-top sailboat. Children or adults. A whole lot of summer fun in a cute little affordable package. see more

  2. under $2000

    Walker Bay 8 Performance Rigid Dinghy

    Length 8 ′ 3 ″
    Beam 4 ′ 4 ″
    Sail Area 39 sq ft
    Weight 71 lbs
    Capacity 1–2
    Max HP 2 HP

    popular for good reasons If you only want to sail, the WB 8 may not be your most comfortable choice, but if you want all the advantages of a versatile dinghy: row, motor, fish, sail—and you want to car-top and move the boat easily to the beach (has its own built-in keel wheel) then the Walker Bay 8 is a clear winner. Affordable, and rugged throughout. Well designed. Innovative features. Built to last. more at walkerbay.com

  3. under $4000

    Walker Bay 10 Performance Rigid Dinghy

    Length 9 ′ 8 ″
    Beam 4 ′ 9 ″
    Sail Area 50 sq ft
    Weight 126 lbs
    Capacity 1–3
    Max HP 3 HP

    wheel in keel The WB 10 is the big sister of the WB 8, same high quality with similar characteristics throughout, but 10 ′ affords you more room, more carrying capacity—and a flat cockpit floor which makes her more comfortable to move around in, and to use. see more
    and more at walkerbay.com

  4. WB 9 Rigid Inflatable Dinghy: RID 275

    Length 9 ′
    Beam 5 ′ 8 ″
    Sail Area 50 sq ft
    Weight 89 lbs
    Capacity 1-3
    Max HP 4 HP

    want more stability? The Walker Bay RID 9 (Rigid Inflatable Dinghy) has inflatable "tubes" surrounding its 8′ hull, thus the RID's larger exterior dimensions. Extra buoyancy on the perimeter makes it more stable and comfortable to sail—especially for kids or novices, than a traditional, narrow-railed, all rigid dinghy. The WB RID 9 offers more carrying capacity as well. With "perf. plus" sail. more at walkerbay.com

  5. Optimist

    Length 7 ′ 7 ″
    Beam 3 ′ 7 ″
    Draft 3 ′ 2 ″
    Sail Area 33 sq ft
    Weight 77 lbs
    Capacity 1

    watch your kid race! There are many small boats you can purchase for your sons/daughters to get them into sailing and loving it. Many board boats and dinghies are great for children and, at lesser prices.

    more kids, more fun Where the Optimist shines singly brightest is that the Opti immerses your child to sailing with other kids the same age. And he gets to drive his own boat!

    better than a roller coasterYour child will strive to achieve, while learning independence in a safe, "kids everywhere" atmosphere. He'll skipper his own boat and attain skills by racing sailboats which will serve him throughout his lifetime.

    help them achieve From sandbox to sailor in incremental steps, used by clubs throughout the world. Be forewarned, Opti racing is not cheap, but your child will play nicely with others in the healthy outdoors. That's a win.
    more at laserperformance.com

    Many Metro Detroit sailing clubs teach kids to sail using the Optimist, including Pontiac Yacht Club , who offers a good program reasonably priced. Info on other
    southeast Michigan small boat sailing clubs.

  6. Pico

    Length 11 ′ 6 ″
    Beam 4 ′ 8 ″
    Sail Area 76 sq ft
    Weight 154 lbs
    Capacity 1–3

    for now --and later The Pico is one of the best bargains in small boats, with broad appeal. Two sails promote teamwork between parent/child, small adults/children. Easy to rig. Easy to right. Great board boat most anyone can singlehand.

    comfy layoutRounded deck for comfortable hiking, ample room for legs, foam filled roto-molded poly hull insures good durability, even with rugged use and constant beaching.
    more at laserperformance.com

  7. Hobie Bravo

    Length 12 ′
    Beam 4 ′ 5 ″
    Sail Area 86 sq ft
    Weight 195 lbs
    Capacity 1–2 small

    great for kids too Novice-friendly, stable, hull design. A "catamaran" that's easy to jump in and go. Great as a backyard/cottage/beach boat. Especially great for kids. Furling sail allows the sailor to control power in any wind condition, or roll it up completely. Learn more at hobiecat.com

  8. WB 10 Rigid Inflatable Dinghy: RID 310

    Length 10 ′ 2 ″
    Beam 6 ′
    Sail Area 50–85 sq ft
    Weight 149 lbs
    Capacity 1-4
    Max HP 6 HP

    see stability, click photo The WB RID 10 (Rigid Inflatable Dinghy) has inflatable "tubes" which surround Walker Bay's 10′ rigid dinghy, adding more carrying capacity and so much stability a heavy person can stand on the side and not tip it over. Dinghy sailing that accomodates larger people. Available with one sail, or two.
    more at walkerbay.com

  9. under $4500


    Length 13 ′ 9 ″
    Beam 4 ′ 1 ″
    Sail Area 75 sq ft
    Weight 120 lbs
    Capacity 1–2

    always a favorite If you want to own one of the best little sailboats ever made, buy a Sunfish. Wildly popular, and built in America for over 60 years. Easy to rig, sail, and right. This is The simple, classic, board boat. No hassle, no complications. Still affordable.
    more at laserperformance.com

    The Greater Detroit Sunfish Club welcomes you, as does Creekfleet, open to all small sailboats.

  10. under $5000

    Hobie Island

    Length 16 ′
    Beam max 9 ′ 4 ″
    Beam min 3 ′ 6 ″
    Sail Area 57.5 sq ft
    Weight 115 lbs
    Capacity 350 lbs

    try one, you'll love it Everyone should own an Island. There's simply nothing like it. A 16′ Mirage Adventure pedaling kayak at its center, and pontoons (amas) on each side, this trimaran is extremely stable. You sit in a comfortable center seat (tilts how you like it), steering lever at your side, sail control line in your hand, moving your legs only to pedal.

    fits everyoneIt's like a remote control car—only you're in it! Furling sail rolls in or out in seconds. All the advantages of a catamaran.

    typical respoonse: love it!A sailboat, pedal boat, kayak—and efficient at all. Quick to rig, sails great, easy to car-top.
    Perfect fun . see more

  11. under $6000

    Expo 12.5

    Length 12 ′ 9 ″
    Beam 5′
    Sail Area 65 sq ft
    Weight 160 lbs
    Capacity 1–2

    not cheap, just perfect Style and comfort. The Expo 12.5 uses the SmartRig™, one of the easiest of all rigs to sail, use, and control. Its tapered composite mast and free-standing arched boom allow the sail to be rolled in or out quickly, no effort, no snags, while providing headroom. The Expo 12.5 accelerates well off the wind and feels stable underway.

    looks great, even on trailerWide hull, and a deeper cockpit than most board boats, allows you to sit more comfortably in light air. Two-tone deck reduces glare on sunny days. Remarkable features in this compact design. see more

  12. Hobie Wave

    Length 13 ′
    Beam 7 ′
    Sail Area 95 sq ft
    Weight 245 lbs
    Capacity 1–4

    so easy, you'll sail more The Hobie Wave provides all the sweet taste of traditional cat sailing, but in modern design— so she's user friendly and comfortable. At only 13′ she's easy to set up and sail. Her roto-molded poly hull insures beaching durability, and she'll carry several on her roomy tramp. Fast with one aboard. Solid winner. see more

    Sail with metro Detroit's Creekfleet, open to all small sailboats: monohull or catamaran. Waves welcome!

  13. Laser

    Length 13 ′ 10 ″
    Beam 4 ′ 6 ″
    Sail Area 76 sq ft
    Weight 130 lbs
    Capacity 1–2

    Olympic class LaserChosen by racers who seek serious competition, and those who love sailing on the edge. Responsive, fast, thrilling, an Olympic class sailboat—AND

    want the best?this Maserati's price tag is likely within reach. One quality, lightweight, simple board boat you too can learn to sail. Hone your skills to perfection. Buy it for your teenager. Buy it for yourself!

    long dayYou may get downright exhausted on a Laser, but you'll never get bored, nor tire of sailing her. She's a joy in any wind condition, you need only be—or become agile and in physically good shape.
    more at laserperformance.com

    The Laser sailboat is available in several versions: Standard, Race, or XD, and with smaller sails, including the popular Radial. The Laser is actively raced in the Metro-Detroit area at various southeast Michigan sailing clubs. Lasers also participate in Creekfleet.

  14. under $7000

    Hobie Tandem Island

    Length 18 ′ 6″
    Beam max 10 ′
    Beam min 4 ′
    Sail Area 90 sq ft
    Weight 190 lbs
    Capacity 600 lbs

    Sail a Hobie Tandem Island. You'll love it! The Hobie Tandem Island is amazing —and unique. Fast, easy, fun, and versatile. Sail alone or with others. Nothing compares to the ease, speed, and excitement. Feel confident quickly, even if you are new to sailing. Fun from the moment you launch. see more

  15. under $10000

    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Length 14 ′ 2 ″
    Beam 6′ 2 ″
    Draft 4 ″ – 3′ 6 ″
    Sail Area 105 sq ft
    Weight 340 lbs
    Capacity 1–4

    wide body comfort Catalina's Expo 14.2 daysailer has amazing headroom and a SmartRig™ with a roll-up sail, making her exceptionally easy to control in any wind condition and so simple to singlehand. Minutes to rig, even alone. Easy to trailer. Moor her and she self-bails by gravity—you need not cover her. Great for old, young, experienced, or raw. Perfect, easy, roomy boat. Comfy for larger people too. see more

  16. Hobie T2

    Length 16 ′
    Beam 7 ′ 8 ″
    Sail Area 172 sq ft
    Weight 388 lbs
    Capacity 1–4

    Hobie T2 catamaran If you want a user-friendly, safe, modern hull design, and also want performance when double-handing, you'll love the T2. She'll carry up to 529 pounds. Take a friend!

    Hobie T2 flying a hullDouble trapeze, furling jib, and optional spinnaker. Durable, roto-molded beach cat for those seeking more thrill. Learn more about the advantages of catamarans and
    more about the T2 at hobiecat.com

    Metro Detroit's Creekfleet sails at Stony Creek and is open to all small sailboats: monohull or catamaran.

  17. Hobie Getaway

    Length 16 ′ 7″
    Beam 7 ′ 8 ″
    Sail Area 180 sq ft
    Weight 390 lbs
    Capacity 2–family

    Hobie Getaway She's big, she's wide and she's oh so comfy. Ride first class on this luxury liner. Optional wings and trapeze add even more comfort and excitement. Modern design, modern material (roto-molded poly) make her affordable too. Learn more about the advantages of catamarans and
    more about the Getwaway at hobiecat.com

    Metro Detroit's Creekfleet sails at Stony Creek and is open to all small sailboats: monohull or catamaran.

  18. under $13000

    Catalina 16.5

    Length 16 ′ 4 ″
    Beam 7 ′
    Draft 5 ″–4 ′ 5″
    Sail Area 150 sq ft
    Weight 430 lbs
    Capacity 1–6

    handles any air The Catalina 16.5 is a traditional, sloop rigged daysailer, built right: she's hand-laid fiberglass. We add accessories including reefing main and furling genoa to make her more novice friendly. These also aid seasoned sailors in heavy air.

    add ladder and motor mountHer cockpit is wide, deep, and roomy. Covered storage in her bow. She self-bails at rest, so you can leave her uncovered at a dock or at mooring. Special two-tone deck not only looks great, but reduces glare.

    easy to board from trailerTrailering is a cinch: her pivoting mast, her forestay housed in her headsail, reduce rigging time.
    more at catalinayachts.com

  19. Hobie 16

    Length 16 ′ 7″
    Beam 7 ′ 11 ″
    Sail Area 218 sq ft
    Weight 320 lbs
    Capacity 2–4

    a great ride! The Hobie 16 is popular world wide, exhilarating to sail, and exciting to drive. For thirty years, she has been at the roots of catamaran sailing. Powerful and challenging. Classic design, fiberglass construction.

    cat flyingIf you're active and seek thrills, the Hobie 16 will snag your attention. Learn more about the advantages of catamarans and
    more about the Hobie 16 at hobiecat.com

    Sail with Metro Detroit's Creekfleet at Stony Creek. Open to all small sailboats, monohull or catamaran.

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