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Which sailboat for you?

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Choosing the right one

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No one sailboat does it all—but just one sailboat can provide you the fun you imagine and more. Choosing the right one is key, and it's a two step process.

Step one

  • Know yourself, and think about your needs
    • What size person will use it most?
    • How many people might be in the boat at any one time?
    • Do you plan to transport and rig it alone?
    • How big is the body of water on which you plan to sail?
    • If you live on a lake, will you be mooring or beaching?
    • In the even of capsize, might you be alone?

Step two

  • Learn the pros and cons of four basic sailboat types

    Just as there are different types of cars: sub-compact, sport, sedan, mini-van; there are different types of small sailboats. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

We know boats. Intimately.

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