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Sailing Lessons

are available for adults or children. Lessons vary in style, length, and rigor depending on the club, organization, or individual giving the lesson/s. Ask questions. Prices range $200 and up.

Wind matters

Sailing lessons of any type, from anyone, rely on the availability of wind. What exactly will be taught that day must often be decided after arriving at the lake and assessing weather conditions.

One must skipper (steer the boat) in a variety of wind conditions to become competent, much like a new driver needs to experience driving on ice, in traffic, and entering a freeway stream at 70 MPH. Practicing in a variety of conditions betters anyone's skills.

Join others?

Being the only student in a boat, or one of several doesn't much matter. And joining a fleet, organization, or club isn't necessary—but it may make sailing easier to get to. If you've ever joined a golf or other outdoor sports league, you know you've shown up on less-than-perfect days—had a great time and been glad you went.

Sailing Classes

at Metro-Detroit area lakes

  • On Cass Lake

    Pontiac Yacht Club offers sailing lessons for adults on 19' Lightning sailboats at Cass Lake. For kids, they have a Junior Sailing Program using the Optimist dinghy. Photo of grounds at PYC.

  • Lake Fenton

    Lake Fenton Sailing Club offers sailing lessons for adults and has a Junior Sailing Program on Lake Fenton.

  • Lake St. Clair

    Crescent Sail Yacht Club offers sailing lessons for adults on 19' Flying Scot sailboats. They also have a Junior Sailing Program. To get to their club on Lake St. Clair, you'll turn off Jefferson Avenue and drive on to a peninsula which feels like a little slice of heaven.

    North Star Sail Club offers adult sailing lessons on 19' Flying Scot sailboats. They also have a Junior Sailing Program.

  • Stony Creek and Kent Lake

    American Sailing Institute offers sailing lessons for various skill levels including beginner. "Level One" lessons include both classroom and on-the-water instruction. Sailing takes place at Stony Creek or Kensington on an 18' Interlake. 2015 cost: $380.

  • Various Lakes

    The Greater Detroit Sunfish Fleet offers one free sailing lesson to anyone interested in learning to sail a Sunfish. Enjoy seat-of-the-pants fun on a board boat, and you'll likely join their fleet. Apt to take place wherever the regatta is that weekend.

  • On Your Lake

    Private Sailing Lessons are tailored to suit your needs and often use the boat you own. Some instructors provide the boat. Availability of private lessons varies from year to year. Contact lindy at Avon Sailboats if you're interested.

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