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What's a fleet?

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One-design racing, social sailing, and large boat sailing. Show all choices.

racing a laser at Pontiac Yacht ClubA fleet is a group of boats that sail together. Most are one-design based, but not all. Some fleets might include all board boats, or beachcats, or anyone who sails at Stony Creek .

Who runs a fleet?

Fleets are almost always run by volunteers who donate their time, and it's a labor of love. Small boat sailing clubs often have several one-design fleets within them. Each one has a contact person.

What do fleets do?

entering Stony Creek to race SunfishThey get together for a day of sailing. Sometimes they picnic, camp— but sooner or later fleets race. Someone sets buoys on the water, marking a course that everyone sails. Depending on the wind, you'll sail the course several times each race day. Some beginning fleets don't set a course right away; they simply sail on the same day in proximity of each other, laughing, helping, tuning their sailing skills, and enjoying a non-competitive atmosphere. Soon, they'll set a couple bouys, and boats will sail around them. Before you know it, members have learned the basics of racing, understand how to start, and how to sail a course.

Why sail with a fleet?

To meet people and make sailing friends. Get tips—on everything. When sailing a course, you'll exercise different skills and become a more competent sailor. The better you get at anything, the more you enjoy it. You'll likely sail more often too if you're a fleet member. You'll be missed if you're not at the lake. You can cut the grass tomorrow.

It's not all about winning—

Especially in a small, local fleet. You won't be in anybody's way, and everyone wants you there. There's almost always someone who'll show you what to do and help you participate. If you're not approached, introduce yourself, ask who's in charge and ask for help.

No one-design fleet? No problem!

Try racing in a mixed fleet at Stony Creek, or on Cass Lake, Monday nights at Pontiac Yacht Club. You don't have to be an experienced racer nor even a skillful sailor. You can even start your own fleet.

Metro-Detroit One-design fleets


Lasers in the metro Detroit area race on numerous lakes, often launching from private club facilities.
Cass Lake from Pontiac Yacht Club
Lake Fenton from Lake Fenton Sailing Club
Lake St. Clair from Crescent Sail Yacht Club
Lake Lansing from Lake Lansing Sailing Club.

All hold regattas open to any Laser sailor. You do not have to be a club member. For a list of all Laser racing in Michigan
visit Laser District 19.


The Greater Detroit Sunfish Club (GDSC) welcomes everyone, and is family oriented. Sunfish sail at Kent Lake and Stony Creek, and various other locations.


Hobie Fleet 276 welcomes all Hobie Cat sailors, seasoned or novice. They sail off Metro Beach on Lake St. Clair, Portage Lake near Ann Arbor, and travel to meet with other fleets as well.For more information visit Hobie Fleet 276.

Metro-Detroit Mixed fleets

Creek Fleet

Creekfleet is a fleet of mixed small boats sailing at Stony Creek. It was founded in 2009 to help people learn more about small boat sailing and racing, and to promote friendship and sharing amoung sailors of all abilities. Thursday nights during the summer. Participate!


The Catamaran Association of Michigan allows any catamaran to sail at their regattas, though their focus is Nacra Catamarans, with separate starts for various Nacra models. Other-than-Nacra cats usually combine to form a mixed-group, which starts separately, and is scored with a handicap system based on Portsmouth Yardstick. For more information visit the CRAM website .

join a fleet


Free Trial

The Greater Detroit Sunfish Club invites you to try fleet sailing. If you're new to sailing the Sunfish, they'll give you a free sailing lesson. Or, you can participate free on any one race day.

Open Racing

Own a small sailboat and can't find a fleet?

Creek Fleet is a fleet of mixed boats sailing at Stony Creek. Anyone is welcome. Learn by doing. Our focus is FUN.

PYC holds open racing Monday nights on Cass Lake.

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