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Since 1968, our focus is you, our local customer, answering your questions, and serving your needs with quality parts, gear, accessories or a top-notch, new boat.

We are not a "Serve yourself, isle 12" nor a "click-to-add-to-shopping-cart" business. Everything we stock, repair, offer, or do, is not conveyed via this website. Fully understanding your needs/desires involves a conversation. We CARE about your satisfaction. Come on in!

We are typically faster, stressless —and more lastingly helpful.

about us

Tom RymillThat's Tom. He pretty much does everything boat-wise at Avon Sailboats. If your boat has an Avon plaque our Avon Sailboats plaqueon it, or has been in for service, Tom readied it for you.

I'm Lindy. You'll usually find me in the showroom, or on the phone. I grew up with small sailboats, Rhodes Bantams mostly, which my dad built in our garage. Mom toted me to one regatta after another to watch Dad and my older brother and sister race. I was too little to be much use to anybody. But life was good around the water and small sailboats, even if I wasn't race crew.

Then—whoosh, we up and moved to Japan, and sailing became just a promise in my dad's eyes. When life drew us back to the states, and eventually to Michigan, Dad set out to build another small sailboat, this time a Wayfarer, and I was handy.

The shop where he bought it needed help— and Dad, newly retired, was just the ticket. It was a labor of love, from the get-go.

By 1970, he had his hands full. I was away at college (studying to become something wonderful) when the phone rang.

"Do you think you could help out this summer at the boat shop?"

I answered easy. I didn't know it was a life-altering question.

Before long, I got used to showing up every day and Dad got used to my being there. I liked everything about small sailboats, and I loved the people, so I stayed.

That same summer I met Tom, and we became a team, first in marriage, then, in business. When Dad retired, we took over.

We value honest communication, just like Dad did, and we work to make safe and happy sailors—and kayakers, out of all who enter our door.

Dad said we wouldn't get rich owning a small business, but we'd be happy.

He was right.